Mar. 4th, 2011

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It is possible that I am being slightly erratic with when I post for this meme, but hey, it doesn't say the days have to be consecutive, right?

30 interesting things seems like more of a challenge than I would've thought...

1. I can touch my nose with my tongue. When I was a kid I put this talent to use to make sure no snot went unwasted.
2. I totally failed to appear as a zombie in Sean of the Dead, although to be fair I was only on set for one day of filming.
3. Dylan Moran once threw a chocolate Viscount at my head. It's possible this fact is connected to 2 above.
4. I have an unfinished MA in Postmodernism due to kind of, er, losing interest and focus and stuff.
5. I once fell face first out of a moving car. Fortunately I rolled with it.
6. My maternal grandfather co-wrote the Skegness theme tune. He was never prosecuted.
7. My aunt's third husband was the actor Maurice Roeves. You might recall him as the guy who gets his heart cut out in a graphic scene in Last of the Mohicans. I do not know whether my aunt has seen the movie, but I suspect if she had she would have enjoyed it.
8. I worked for several years in a video rental store. It was pretty much like Clerks, although somehow I resisted the temptation to behave like Randall.
9. I spent a (very) brief period selling car insurance. Wait, that's not interesting at all. Does it make it more interesting if I confirm that selling insurance is exactly as unpleasant as you might imagine?
10. Dear god, only no. 10? How the hell am I supposed to keep this going? Ok, erm, how about - I'm colourblind.
11. Through a long and complicated process involving death, betrayal, a Japanese girl and chance meetings, Trent Reznor was made aware of my existence. I know it's ridiculous and makes me appear like a squealing little fanboy, but a part of me still marvels over it. Have never gotten to meet the guy sadly.
12. I share the same birthday as Tori Amos and Ray Bradbury.
13. I have ridden a Giant Tortoise.
14. Mine and [ profile] lucifermourning's house was burgled last year. We met the gentleman responsible as he jumped out of our kitchen window saying "'scuse me". Nice of him to be so considerate.
15. I foiled a bag snatch last year when, in a bar in Bristol, I spotted a rather dodgy looking git grab a girl's purse. I walked over to where the girl was sitting and pointed this out to her, whereupon said git shat himself and protested it was some kind of misunderstanding. There was a surreal moment when everyone was at a loss about what to do next. Unfortunately by the time anyone summoned the wherewithall to fetch security, the thief had wandered off. If it ever happens to me again, I'll go and fetch security first, then point out something's been nicked!
16. I've failed two driving tests recently. Third time lucky?
17. I have written poetry. Worse, I meant it.
18. I wrote a song for a band one time, although I think there was only one gig outside of our living room that it got played at.
19. I do allotment gardening (although mostly under [ profile] lucifermourning's direction).
20. I am easily emotionally affected (as in getting teary eyed and choked up) by films and books. And comics. And humourous cat pictures. Ok, maybe not that last one.
21. I'm allergic to cats and dogs but look forward to owning both one day.
22. I have permanently damaged lungs in the form of bronchiectasis thanks to a bout of pneumonia when I was 3. Oh, and asthma too.
23. I don't like fish. It tastes really bad (yes, all of them ok?). I like to think I might be allergic to it so I don't have to ever try to like it.
24. If I could change one thing about my wife it would be her aversion to onions.
25. I love ghost stories. Good ones that don't show too much.
26. I used to fence, and should make myself take it up again.
27. I once braved a snake attack in order to rescue a smurf.
28. I recently played world of warcrack and did not become re-addicted.
29. I loved the Fighting Fantasy solo gamebooks when I was younger (still do) and they got me into gaming. I can still recall the first 30 or so off by heart. Damn, why didn't I just use that for this list?
30. If you'd asked me 10 years ago if I wanted to get married and settle down, I would probably have said no. Now I couldn't be happier. Well, actually if I had a lot more money I'd be happier. And if there was world peace and prosperity. And... look, you know what I mean. I'm happy, ok?


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