Mar. 24th, 2011

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I've been waiting for a day that felt worth bullet pointing, but nothing came along... and then I acquired an unpleasant stomach affliction, so unless anyone wants to read a series of bullet points about that, let's just skip this one shall we?
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I'm kind of happy living where I am to be honest. Plenty of places I'd like to visit...

I'd like to drive around vast swathes of the US on a road trip.

I'd like to visit Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

A part of me would love to visit some truly isolated wilderness... sadly the rest of me is shit scared by the idea!
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I don't recall anything clearly enough to actually know if it could be my earliest memory. I dimly remember nursery school, and possibly being carried around the garden of the house I grew up in. I remember a birthday in a tent in Wales but couldn't say which.

It's all a bit fuzzy and vague really.
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We got some nice tall ones as wedding gifts. Already broke half of them sadly due to my amazing glass-shattering powers.
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I avoid it largely out of habit. On those occasions I am exposed to it, it seems to be mostly as shit as it used to be. I'm sure there are some bands out there in the 'mainstream' that I would quite like, but I can't be bothered to wade through rivers of sonic sewage just to seek them out.

These days I mostly acquire new music though happenstance - a song on a film or TV soundtrack I like, a track played in a friend's car that catches my ear, a passing ice cream van tune... if it happens to be 'mainstream' that's fine by me. Popularity (or lack of) is not really a quality by which to determine if music appeals to you or not.
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Getting burgled
Purchase of house falling through at the last moment
Failing driving tests (more so the second one)
Other friends having an even worse time of it than us!

Buckland House
The Hill House (an awesome B&B in Herefordshire)
Mortals LARP
Getting tied to a chair and electrocuted


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