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I'll just play some stuff on my computer as that seems easiest. Am I supposed to comment on these or something? Seems boring not to say something...

1. Moby - a song off Play, an album for which all the writing is showing up in Chinese for some reason.
2. Tim Minchin - The Good Book from Ready for This?, which I downloaded only the other day cos he's funny.
3. Joy Division - Day of the Lords, for when you really need something to slit your wrists to.
4. Dire Straits - Tunnel of Love. I listened to Dire Straits a lot when I was a kid, and recently re-acuired some of their albums. A nostalgic pleasure that reminds me of listening to my walkman on holidays.
5. The Bonzo Dog Band - The Strain. A great old band with many hilarious and bizarre songs. This is sadly not one of their best.
6. Nine Inch Nails - Somewhat Damaged. I still remember the kick I got when I first listened to NIN, like nothing I'd ever heard.
7. Prick - I Got It Bad. Anyone ever heard/heard of this band? Didn't think so. They did a song way back that sounded like NIN, so I picked up the album and discovered that most of their stuff sounded very different. Years later I listened to the album again and discovered I liked it a lot more than I used to.
8. Jonathan Coulton - Stroller Town. Jonathan Coulton has done many funny, awesomely catchy songs. This is not one of them.
9. The Damage Manual - Bagman Damage (Mix). A side project of someone from Killing joke, I think. Can't really remember.
10. XTC - Bungalow. I was introduced to XTC by [livejournal.com profile] lucifermourning a few years back and rather liked them. The first album I heard (Skylarking) remains my favourite, but they have done many fine and slightly odd songs, er, including this one about a bungalow.


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