Mar. 15th, 2011

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Much like the present, only with rocket packs and lasers and aliens and zombies and cthulhu and robots and jet skis and explosions and fruitbats and ice cream and teleporters and dinosaurs and tweed suits and paperclips and tea, oh yes there's always time for tea, and freaky japanese ghosts that crawl out of your tv and virtual reality and music and love and death and beauty and trombones and trains and tunnels and trolls and travel and excitment and really wild things and humour and balloons and plush toys and carnivals and poetry and shoes and sharks with fucking lasers for eyes, shit yeah, and resurrected great people of the past so you can ask Marilyn Mornoe about the great questions in life or maybe just have sex with Socrates, that would be awesome, and how about giant fucking sky guns that shoot food down at people so no-one goes hungry, and anyone who's being a jerk can get pelted with custard from orbit.

Or something like that.
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First kiss? Uni, first year. I was utterly inexperienced and crippled by any interaction with girls (blame 5 years at a boys school which two years of interacting with girls in sixth form had entirely failed to cure me of) but somehow I painstakingly crept into someone else's affections and managed to get a snog at long last. Halle-fucking-lujah.

First love - Love is a tricky thing to pin down and I think only really comes after a long time. So instead I'll go with my first epic crush. Not my first crush by a long way, just the one that I really still remember: a beautiful girl I knew in Italy - friend of our family friends there - an incredibly striking Dutch/Italian girl who I got on with fabulously, had great long conversations with in which I made her laugh and smile and who I spectacularly failed to get off with and instead discovered that she had a long time boyfriend. But even now I look back on that soul-shattering, unbelievably tragic misery of crushed hope and love and lust with a nostalgic twinge. Ah, those were the days. Or maybe not.
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I'll just play some stuff on my computer as that seems easiest. Am I supposed to comment on these or something? Seems boring not to say something...

1. Moby - a song off Play, an album for which all the writing is showing up in Chinese for some reason.
2. Tim Minchin - The Good Book from Ready for This?, which I downloaded only the other day cos he's funny.
3. Joy Division - Day of the Lords, for when you really need something to slit your wrists to.
4. Dire Straits - Tunnel of Love. I listened to Dire Straits a lot when I was a kid, and recently re-acuired some of their albums. A nostalgic pleasure that reminds me of listening to my walkman on holidays.
5. The Bonzo Dog Band - The Strain. A great old band with many hilarious and bizarre songs. This is sadly not one of their best.
6. Nine Inch Nails - Somewhat Damaged. I still remember the kick I got when I first listened to NIN, like nothing I'd ever heard.
7. Prick - I Got It Bad. Anyone ever heard/heard of this band? Didn't think so. They did a song way back that sounded like NIN, so I picked up the album and discovered that most of their stuff sounded very different. Years later I listened to the album again and discovered I liked it a lot more than I used to.
8. Jonathan Coulton - Stroller Town. Jonathan Coulton has done many funny, awesomely catchy songs. This is not one of them.
9. The Damage Manual - Bagman Damage (Mix). A side project of someone from Killing joke, I think. Can't really remember.
10. XTC - Bungalow. I was introduced to XTC by [ profile] lucifermourning a few years back and rather liked them. The first album I heard (Skylarking) remains my favourite, but they have done many fine and slightly odd songs, er, including this one about a bungalow.


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